series of documentaries - in development


Following the spirit of the Belgian TV series Striptease, DI CORE is a series of documentary portraits that explores Corsica behind the clichés, through special characters, alternately attaching, funny, eccentric or unbearable.

The series is characterized by short formats and a naturalistic mode of filmmaking: directors and commentaries disappear to reveal the intimacy of the characters, who expose themselves through daily life situations (family meal, dishes, the life of a farmer) to which the spectator can identify himself. The series will be initiated by young Corsican directors.

Examples of episodes: A cowboy who builds the station of a train track that will never come, an unrecognised singer who waits at the window of his house for his days of glory, a young boy who gets bored on the church square of his small village, dreaming of integrating the school Saint Cyr, a young mason who rebuilt on his own time alone all the stone walls of the village.


In development