in limbo (original title Dans les limbes), DIR. ANTOINE VIVIANI, 2015 - 85 MIN FEATURE FILM AND INTERACTIVE FILM ONLINE


in limbo:
1. Lit. In a netherworld, neither heaven nor hell. 
2. Fig. Abandoned, forgotten, on hold. 
3. Computer Science. Said of data erased from a system, but not yet deleted from its storage media.

What if the Internet could dream of itself? 
Dans les Limbes is an inner journey into the Internet, as if there was nothing left but the planetary network, dreaming of itself. It is a philosophical tale, the story of a spirit, voiced by Nancy Huston, who wakes up in the limbo of our interconnected global memory, and meets its strange life, inhabitants, pioneers (Google CEO or Internet founding fathers, like Ray Kurzweil, Gordon Bell, Brewster Kahle, Laurie Frick, Cathal Gurrin, etc).
While drifting into this giant memory, exploring its dreams and fears, she starts chasing the essence of nostalgia. Are we building a new cathedral, for a new civilization, or the biggest cemetery of our history? 


- international competition at Copenhagen - CPH:DOX 2015 - world premiere nov. 15

- international competition at Amsterdam - IDFA 2015 - dutch premiere dec. 15

- International competition - E tudo Verdade / It's all true Film Festival Brasil 2016

- International competition - Millenium Docs Against Gravity - Poland 2016

- Harvard - Film Study Center / Sensory Ethnographic Lab - Cambridge 2016, with Lucien Castaing Taylor

- International competition - Moscow International Film Festival - 2016

- International competition - Millenium Docs Festival - Brussels 2016

- Mapping Film Festival - Geneva 2016 - International selection

- Urban Nomad Film Festival - Taiwan 2016

- Best emergent filmmaker - Open City London Docs Festival - 2016

- Cine Performa, Red Bull Station - Sao Paulo, Brasil - 2016

- Cinema Bellevaux - Lausanne, Switzerland - 2016

 - A Different Tomorrow competition - Reykjavik International Film Festival 2016

 - International competition - Kassel Dokfest - 2016

 - International competition - 2morrow Moscow International Festival of Independent Films - Russia - 2016

 - International competition - Inscience Dutch Film Festival - 2016

 - Fraud Film Festival - Amsterdam 2016

 - Compétition internationale - Les Ecrans documentaires - Paris - 2016

- Prix de la Création - Festival Traces de Vie - Clémont-Ferrand - 2016

- Projections spéciales - Les primeurs du Blog Documentaire - Videodrome, Marseille, Novembre 2016





Download a press kit here in English or here in French and the poster here in English and in French


Produced by Providences / Arte France / National Film Board of Canda

Supported by the CNC and the Media Programme of the European Union

Original title: Dans les limbes - Also known as: In Limbo (International title)

Runtime: 85 min

Language: English

Format: Color, HD

Distribution: Grasshopper Film for North America


Produced, written and directed by Antoine Viviani

Written with Jérémy André, Alain Damasio, Léa Todorov, Bojina Ponayatova

Voice over: Nancy Huston

Featuring: Gordon Bell, Cathal Gurrin, Raymond Kurzweil, Kevin Warwick, Paul Miller, Laurie Frieck, Liesl Capper, George Dyson

Editing: Pierre-Alain Giraud, Lucas Archambault

Sound editing and sound mixing: Raphael Hénard, Pierre Bariaud