A UNIQUE VR SERIES THAT PUTS YOU IN THE MINDS OF THE GREATEST composers of our time, at the moment they start writing a grand piece of music


AN EXTENSIVE SERIES OF VR EXPERIENCES created by P.A.Giraud and A.Viviani for vr headsets and on-site installations - in development



Where does inspiration come from? Mozart said that music would appear to him in his dreams, as images that he would later transform into notes when he woke up.

Innervisions is an extensive series of VR experiences that takes you in the musical dreams of some of the greatest composers of our times. Based on interviews, we recompose the stories, fantasies, dreams, that inspired their greatest music pieces. Ten to 15 minutes each, these experiences are dreamlike journeys into the intimate world of the greatest musicians. 




INNERVISIONS is supported by the Beaumarchais/Orange/SACD Foundation and the CNC (Centre National de la Cinématographie - New Media Writing grant and Development grant).