Dir. By Gabriela Fridriksdottir and Pierre-Alain Giraud - Animation feature film

Son of a wine-grower family, Caspar lives on an isolated island in the middle of the ocean. He has strange visions since his twin brother died. With the help of his grandmother, a blind fortune teller, Caspar will go to look for his brother, discovering the entrance of the world of the Moon-Cats, creatures who capture people's souls and offer them a new life.

Sketches for a storyboard:

Gabriela Fridriksdottir and Pierre-Alain Giraud co-directed several animation movies for the Venice and Lyon Biennale, Mooncat will be their first feature animated film. Gabriela Fridriksdottir is a renowned artist, who makes films, paintings and drawings, and worked for a long time with Björk.


In development