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an aR immersive installation by A. VIVIANI & P.A. GIRaud

11/2019 to 03/2020 museum of Brittany, France - 06 to 09/2020 National Gallery of Iceland - 2020 and beyond Worldwide tour

Our faith in technology has never been greater. We spend our life connected to the network. Technological progress carries our hopes: it might not only make us more powerful but – who knows? – it might even save us.

Yet, scientists worldwide say that this radiant, technological future looks compromised. Humanity is about to undergo a crisis unprecedented in its history. The decline of living beings, climate imbalance and many other disturbing factors are prompting us to reflect on our civilization’s fragility.

Solastalgia is born of this tension and dizziness.

In a 400 sq m (4,300 sq ft) installation, dressed as cosmonauts and equipped with HoloLens 2 augmented reality headsets, we visit a mysterious future, exploring the surface of a depopulated planet colonized by lichens, debris, ruins and fossils...

A digital cloud hovers over the world, fueled by a strange machine. Walking through the landscape, human ghosts appear and surround us. Carefree and inoffensive, they act in a loop the joyful, moving and cruel moments of life, for eternity.

What does this curious paradise recount about ourselves?

Plunging us into the bad dream of our time, Solastalgia questions the essence of our existence, our beliefs, and the challenges facing the Anthropocene.